The wind turbine shown in the picture possesses a wind wheel consisting of a craft core in the shape of a roller with an installed latticed aluminum construction that is harnessed and tightened by thin steel cords. Apart from the use of light materials and thin fit, the construction is built in a manner that makes it extremely sturdy and stable. The wings are installed on the turbine periphery by the wider side of the trapeze which offers higher degree of utilization. On the opposite side, the wings are moved away from the core in order to make free flow of air in this part of the construction possible and to prevent votrexes.

Pokretna krila

Flexible wings

Inside the primary construction, a mobile subconstruction with trapeze wings made of flexible PVC materials is installed. The moving mechanism, as an integral part of the subconstruction, enables opening and closing of the wings at a specified wind flow velocity, shift of pace, and regulation of spin number at different speeds. This mechanism also provides maximum decrease of impacted surface area (altering wing angle) during storm winds and protects it from damage.

Dva generatora

Two generators

The wind turbine possesses two generators – primary and secondary. In the wing centre on the same flat surface there is a pulley of the wind turbine primary generator, that is of a large diameter and has direct transfer to the generator. Mobile wings (anchored by cords) which open due to high wind speeds, offer possibility to transfer force from the main axle to the secondary generator. It is also necessary to pinpoint that the central case (nacelle) containing a generator, multiplier and brake, of the most commonly used turbines that are usually located on the wheel axle, is relocated to the lower zone. Secondary generator and multiplier are constructed in a linear field. This solution provides opportuity for the turbine itself to chose the wind direction.



The light construction of the wind generator and large surface of peripheral parts of the wings, set conditions for the wind wheel start at wind flow velocity of 1 m/s. At such low wind speeds primary generator accepts energy and transfers it with no wind load. In that mode, secondary generator is inactive and does not encumber the system. Only at velocity higher than 5 m/s is secondary generator activated.

Through examination of wind duration (24 hours) at specific locations, it is shown that the longest duration amounts to 1-5 m/s. This turbine can pick up all the energy because it has a start at already 1 m/s, which is a possibility that no other type of a turbine has.


Joint with nature

It turned out that the turbine refines natural environment, which can be proven by the birds that have built a nest and laid eggs inside the construction. This confutes those associations and organizations claiming that windmills scare birds.